AI Services

The advent of the artificial intelligence chatbot is the biggest innovation to search since search itself. 

It won’t just revolutionize the results that are displayed but in turn, the queries themselves.

People will ask Bard a question as if they’re talking to a friend. 

Which is the worst airline? 

Is  ___ car better than ____  car?

Is _____ a good school to send my kids to?

Bard is giving you an opinion just like if you asked a friend and people will put a lot of trust and faith in what they’re told. 

If the answer doesn’t make you appear in a good light, you are in trouble, Google is doing all it can to prevent these answers being manipulated just as SEO influences the search results. 

Everything with AI is changing very quickly and Buzz Dealer is doing all it can to stay at the forefront of this. We are world leaders when it comes to knowing how AI affects your online reputation and more importantly, what to do about it. 

If you are concerned with how you or your brand is represented in Bard, Buzz Dealer will analyze your complete digital presence to identify where the answers are coming from. 

Google has over 90% of the global market share when it comes to online search. Currently Bing has around 2.5% of online search share. Should this considerably increase, we will also address your presence on Bing and Chat GPT. 

Feel free to contact us about any AI questions you have.


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