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Uri Samet

Chief Executive Officer

Uri Samet, Buzz Dealer’s founder and CEO, is a veteran digital marketer with over 20 years of experience, specializing in online reputation management (ORM) and digital PR solutions. Uri holds a Bachelor’s degree (BA) in economics & management, and a Master’s degree (MPH) in emergency & disaster management, and he is a proud member of the Forbes agency council and the Entrepreneur leadership network.

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Ron Gilo, Buzz Dealer's Executive Vice President, is an experienced digital marketing expert and one of the driving forces behind Buzz Dealer's strategic vision and operational excellence. With a proven track record in leadership and innovation, Ron brings a wealth of experience to his role, ensuring that Buzz Dealer remains at the forefront of industry and innovation. Ron manages Buzz Dealer's Cyprus HQ, and is responsible for leading the local team, design, sales and marketing. Through his strategic insight, creative eye and leadership skills, Ron plays a critical role in driving Buzz Dealer's success and maintaining its competitive edge.

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Ron Gilo

Executive Vice President

Gadi Samet

Chief of Operations

Gadi Samet, the Chief Operating Officer of Buzz Dealer, is a seasoned leader renowned for his strategic acumen and operational prowess. With a rich background in business development and process optimization, Gadi is instrumental in shaping Buzz Dealer's strategic direction and ensuring seamless execution of its initiatives. As the overseer of Buzz Dealer's operations, Gadi spearheads efforts to enhance efficiency and drive sustainable growth. With his dynamic leadership, Gadi plays a pivotal role in propelling Buzz Dealer to new heights of success.

Omer Otmi, the Vice President of Operations at Buzz Dealer, is a distinguished leader with a knack for operational excellence and organizational optimization. With a proven track record in streamlining processes and fostering a culture of efficiency, Omer plays a pivotal role in driving Buzz Dealer's operational strategies forward. His keen eye for detail and commitment to delivering exceptional results ensures that Buzz Dealer maintains its competitive edge in the market. Omer oversees a spectrum of operational functions with precision, including logistics, supply chain management, and quality control. With his dynamic leadership, Omer is instrumental in steering Buzz Dealer towards continuous growth and success.

Omer Otmi

VP of Operations

Department Heads

Ohad Moser

Head of Content

Ohad Moser, Buzz Dealer's Head of Content, is a creative powerhouse driving the company's content strategy with precision and flair. With a talent for storytelling and a keen understanding of audience engagement, Ohad ensures that Buzz Dealer's content remains compelling and impactful.

David Wiseman

Head of ORM

David Wiseman, Buzz Dealer's Head of ORM, is a strategic leader driving the company's online reputation management efforts. With expertise in monitoring and enhancing brand perception across digital platforms, David ensures Buzz Dealer's clients maintain a positive online presence