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Review Management Is More Important Than Ever – This Is Why

Have you recently purchased an expensive device? An online course or service, perhaps? We assume that it took you some time to pick out the right one for you. Does this mean you’re indecisive? Not necessarily. Nowadays we’re surrounded by countless options, no matter what we seek to purchase – and that’s quite confusing.  What

UGRs (User Generated Reviews) – Taking User Generated Content to the Next Level

Remember that $2 phone cover you bought on Amazon last week? How many reviews that people left about the seller and the product did you read before pressing the “proceed to cart” button? Quite a few, we believe. We live and breathe these user reviews, because they are seemingly the most authentic information we find

Yes, you can remove unwanted results from Google (and it’s not as complicated as you think)

There is nothing worse for your online reputation than unwanted results about yourself/your company appearing high in a Google search. It is extremely embarrassing that your dirty laundry is there for all to see and – when we talk about prominence on Google search – also sadly very hard to avoid. At some point or

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Personal Online Reputation Management

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a public figure, or even as someone who is trying to brand themselves, is to assume that you don’t need online reputation management. Even if you head or own a business, it would be an error on your behalf to pay close attention to your company’s

Beyond Google: Get the Message Through to Billions Using Other Search Engines

other way to put it – overshadows its competitors. However, small business owners should not overlook the advantages of optimizing their websites for other search engines, which attract billions of monthly users seeking valuable information. In addition to Google, a variety of popular and widely-used alternative search engines are constantly gaining traction, driven by factors

Buzz Dealer – ORM Explainer

From Data to Content: How Generative AI is Changing Digital Marketing

AI is drastically changing the way we live, work, and interact with each other. From personal assistants like Alexa and Siri to self-driving cars and Spotify playlists, AI has become an integral part of our daily lives. Do you know that even the emails that get into your spam folder are sorted by AI? Such

Public Relations in the Digital Age – It’s Not What it Used to Be

One of the first things that every newbie hears when they enter the world of public relations is that “advertising is what you pay for, PR is what you pray for”. So, first of all, let’s completely bust that myth. In today’s digital world, praying for your public relations to be just the way you

Your Message Deserves the Ideal Ads Platform. Let’s Find Out What It Is

Gone are the days when advertising on the World Wide Web was an expensive venture, reserved for big companies and government offices. No more paying huge sums for a banner on a portal. Today’s marketing is a whole lot more sophisticated, more targeted, more user-oriented, and most importantly more budget-friendly. This is thanks to the

Zero-Click Searches: It Isn’t All Bad News

Let’s say I want to find out something online. What I should do is go to Google, search for it, view the results and click the one that seems most reliable and informative, right? Wrong. Apparently, that’s not necessarily the way it works these days. Anyone with any connection to the field of digital marketing